Udall is "Standing Up Against Bullying"



The Leadership Club is asking the entire school to wear pink on Wednesday, June 10 to Stand Up Against Bullying.

Pink might seem like an odd color when trying to get people to take a stand against bullying. The color is based on a stand that was taken in the fall at Central Kings High School, in Cambridge, Nova Scotia.

A freshmen student was making his first appearance in a new high school. The boy showed up in the morning wearing a pink polo shirt. School bullies verbally abused him for his choice of color. They used vulgar words, and made him upset. Two senior students Travis Price and David (DJ) Shepherd heard about the bullying taking place, and decided to take a stand against it.

Travis and DJ went to a local department store and bought every pink tank top they could find. They spread the word on the social networking site "Facebook" of their intent to get all of the seniors to wear pink the next year. When they got to school they handed the shirts out to all of the seniors who needed one. They eventually had to go back and purchase more tank tops due to the showing of support for the new student! The rest is history!

The bullies were not happy about the stand, and started throwing chairs around. Everyone else thought it was a heroic, creative way to take a stand against bullying. The Canadian media picked up the story, and eventually it spread to the United States media. The boys have since been featured on MTV, Dateline NBC, CBC news and many other television programs.

The Leadership Club is giving students the opportunity to purchase pink t-shirts to take a stand against bullying at Udall. They are taking t-shirt orders during lunch periods through May 20. T-shirts cost $4.00. Join us to Stand Up Against Bullying once and for all.