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 District Policy for Transportation / Transportation Requests 
School Bus Behavior Code   / Buster the Bus - Teaching Bus Safety         

State Mandated Transportation Policy

The law provides that students who live less than the mileage limitations specified below, as previously adopted by the qualified voters of this school district, shall not be transported to and from the regular school program.

District Transportation Policy

The school district will provide bus transportation for students who live in the district and who attend public or non-public schools according to the policy set by the Board of Education. 
That policy is as follows:

All kindergarten and grade 1 students.
Students in grades 2-5 who live .5 of a mile or more from school.
Students in grades 6-8 who live 1 mile or more from school.
Students in grades 9-12 who live 1.5 miles or more from school.
Bus assignments will be mailed to parents of eligible students prior to the start of school. 

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Transportation Requests

Transportation of children to private and parochial schools outside the district is provided up to a maximum of 15 miles, and state law mandates transportation for handicapped children to a maximum of 50 miles.  All requests for transportation of non-handicapped children attending private and parochial schools within the 15 mile limit must be made by April 1, preceding the next school year.

Application forms are mailed out to all district residents during the month of February. Application forms and detailed information may also be obtained by calling the districtís Transportation Office at 893-3300.  

Click here to download:

Request Form for Transportation to a Certified Day Care Facility

Request Form for Transportation to Non-Public Schools and Certified Day Care Facilities

School Bus Behavior Code

The safety of our children is a prime concern in the complicated task of transporting students as efficiently as possible.  The following directions are offered so that children and parents know precisely what is expected in the way of proper student conduct related to the use of school buses.  Parents are asked to review the directions with their children to help the school district ensure safe and pleasant school bus experiences for resident pupils.

Failure to comply with these directions may result in the suspension of a child's bus privileges.

Pupils are to arrive at their bus stop approximately ten (10) minutes before the bus is due.
Wait in orderly lines off the highway, and do not damage or destroy private property.
All students on a school bus are under the authority of its driver and are required to follow the driver's instructions.
Complete order must be maintained within the bus at all times so that the driver is not distracted form the primary duty of safely operating the vehicle.
The driver will report a pupil's misconduct to the building principal, which could result in the suspension of a child's bus privileges or other disciplinary actions.
Students are to use only their regular bus and established stop location unless they have a written request by their parent/guardian and the permission of the school principal, or the principal's designee, to do otherwise.
Pupils are never to walk along the side of a bus when either approaching or leaving it. They are always to remain completely clear of the bus.
State Education Department stresses that established visual contact between driver and crossing students is critical to safety. Students crossing in front of the bus need to maintain eye contact with the driver, and wait until the driver signals them before they are to cross in front of the bus.
Once on the bus, pupils are to seat themselves quickly and to remain seated until the bus comes to a complete stop.
No part of a pupil's body or belongings is ever to be extended out the bus window.
Objects may not be thrown on, from or at the bus.
Treat school equipment as you treat your own valuable property and possessions.
Pupils are expected to be reasonably quiet, polite and courteous in their speech and behavior with the driver and other pupils on the bus and with their neighbors at the bus stop.
Unacceptable behavior includes shouting and screaming, name-calling, pushing and shoving, poking, hitting, fighting, abusive language and any other behavior generally deemed to be disruptive, impolite and discourteous.
The consumption of food or beverages, as well as smoking is strictly prohibited.
In case of an accident, pupil should not leave the site of the accident unless directed by the bus driver or any other authorized personnel.

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   Any student taking a bus other than the one designated to them must bring in a note signed by their parent or guardian to the office first thing in the morning for approval. Students designated to a bus who plan to walk or ride bikes must also submit a note.

School authorities may suspend the pupil from the privilege of riding on the bus because of disorderly conduct.  In this event, it will be the responsibility of the parents to see that the child is in attendance at school.

To obtain bus information before and after school hours, please call:

Suffolk Transportation:   665-3246