2009-2010 School Year

West Islip High School
Child Development / Clothing & Textiles/ Foreign Language / Housing & Environment /MathematicsTextile & Apparel

Child Development & Early Childhood Ed.
3 ring binder with loose leaf


Clothing and Textiles - All Grades
*Exact amounts will be provided a few weeks into the class


Foreign Language Department
 Language/English dictionary (bigger than travel sized)
1 notebook
1 2-pocket folder
1 highlighter
pens and pencils - not red or pink
Spanish RP - Ms. Connolly
1 2" binder
1 2 pocket folder
loose leaf paper
pens or pencils
Housing and Environment - All Grades
Variety of art/craft brushes up to 1" size
Variety of acrylic (not stain or water color) craft paints to paint outside of miniature model home
Optional: furniture, accessories



All Algebra Students
3 ring binder
loose leaf paper
2 folders with pockets
Scientific Calculator
All Geometry Students
3 ring binder
loose leaf paper
compass and ruler
graph paper notebook or graph paper
Textile and Apparel Studio - all grades
Skirt/dress fabric interfacing, thread and zipper (amounts depend on pattern chosen)
1 - 12" zipper - any color
1/2 yard fleece (not flannel fabric) and matching thread
3 ring 1 1/2 inch binder for portfolio