Suggested Reading List for Students Entering 8th Grade

Bauer, Joan                 


The Rules of the Road.  (Realistic)  Sixteen-year-old Jenna gets a job driving the elderly owner of a chain of successful shoe stores from Chicago to Texas to confront the son who is trying to force her to retire, and along the way Jenna hones her talents as a saleswoman and finds the strength to face her alcoholic father.

Cole, Brock               


The Goats.  (Realistic)  Two children, exiled, lost, in a few ordinary American places clustered around a lake, bring about their own deliverance.

Cormier, Robert        


I Am the Cheese.  (Realistic)  A young boy desperately tries to unlock his past yet knows he must hide those memories if he is to remain alive.

Fleischman, Paul       


Whirligig.  (Realistic)  While traveling to each corner of the country to build a whirligig in memory of the girl whose death he causes, sixteen-year-old Brian finds forgiveness and atonement.

Giff, Patricia  Reilly  


Nory Ryan’s Song.  (Historical Fiction)  When a terrible blight attacks Ireland’s potato crop in 1845, twelve-year-old Nory Ryan’s courage and ingenuity help her family and neighbors survive.

Hobbs, Will              


Jason’s Gold.  (Adventure/Historical Fiction)  When news of the discovery of gold in Canada’s Yukon in 1897 reaches fifteen-year-old Jason, he embarks on a 5,000-mile journey to strike it rich.

Kerr, M. E.                


Dinky Hocker Shoots Smack.  (Realistic)  Fifteen-year-old Tucker’s life changes in many ways when he meets the unusual overweight girl who gives his cat a home.

Lisle, Janet Taylor    


Afternoon of the Elves(Fantasy)  As Hillary works in the miniature village, allegedly built by elves, in Sara-Kate’s backyard, she becomes more and more curious about Sara-Kate’s real life inside her big, gloomy house with her mysterious, silent mother.

Mahy, Margaret       


The Haunting.  (Mystery)  After a shy and rather withdrawn eight-year-old begins receiving frightening supernatural images and messages, he learns about a family legacy which could be considered a curse or a rare gift.

Merrill, Jean               


The Pushcart War.  (Realistic)  The outbreak of a war between truck drivers and pushcart peddlers brings the mounting problems of traffic to the attention of both the city of New York and the world.

Myers, Walter Dean  


Fallen Angels(Historical Fiction)  Seventeen-year-old Richie Perry, just out of his Harlem high school, enlists in the Army in the summer of 1967 and spends a devastating year on active duty in Vietnam.

Paterson, Katherine  


Lyddie.  (Historical Fiction)  Impoverished Vermont farm girl Lyddie Worthen is determined to gain her independence by becoming a factory worker in Lowell, Massachusetts, in the 1840s.

White, Ruth                  


Belle Prater’s Boy(Realistic)  When Woodrow’s mother suddenly disappears, he moves to his grandparents’ home in a small Virginia town where he befriends his cousin and together they find the strength to face the terrible losses and fears in their lives.