Manetuck Celebrates
its 50th Birthday!



On May 13, 1957, the Board of Education met with an architect to discuss a new Hunter Avenue school, which resulted in a second meeting date scheduled "for the purpose of presenting proposed plans to the general public."  

The following week, a 20-room elementary school was proposed to the community, with a completion date of September, 1958.  It was written in the Board minutes that "School enrollments are continuing to increase at a rapid rate due to large numbers  of people moving into the community to occupy new homes.  Families moving in are bringing large numbers of pre-school children."  

A resolution passed unanimously that night setting a special meeting of qualified voters to be held on June 18th allowing the district to build a new elementary school "on the so-called Hunter Avenue site at a total estimated cost of $1,096,000." 

The voters passed the proposition on June 18th by 604 to 258. 

When schools reopened in September, 1957 after the summer recess, two were operating on double sessions due to the increased enrollment. 

Fifty years later, on June 19, 2008, Principal Mary Anderson hosted the 50th  party of Manetuck Elementary School, with guests that included first principal Frank Galati and his wife Virginia, and current Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources Lou Zocchia, a Manetuck graduate. 

The birthday ceremony was held under a sunny sky on school grounds with students and staff, former students and staff, special guests, Board members, and current administrators.  The First Grade Choral Performance was entitled "Manetuck Was Made for You and Me."  The Fourth Grade Band performed "Rock Point 5" and the Fifth Grade Band offered "March Onward."  Presentations were made for a time capsule by kindergarten, first and second graders. 

The event concluded with tours of the building, including the reconstructed area of the 1990s, and with everyone invited to participate in an art project. 

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