I.                   BUILDINGS AND GROUNDS 

GOAL:       Implementation of capital improvements pursuant to the bond or alternative plans. 

GOAL:       Begin upgrades pursuant to the Energy Performance Contract. 

GOAL:       Improve communication down and up the chain of command to facilitate an                  improved management of resources. 

GOAL:       Select a new Director of Buildings and Grounds and use his input and                      recommendations to evaluate current practices. 

II.                 FINANCE 

GOAL:       Expand the use of the Pay Schools on-line purchasing system to be used for all student fees. 

GOAL:       Research and analyze Point of Sale systems and develop a plan and timeline for installation. 

GOAL:       Address any issues which may be raised by the State auditors. 

GOAL:       Review the legal and financial relationship between the Coaches’ Association and the School district. 

GOAL:       Review district contracts to assure compliance with all terms, and explore the feasibility of assigning “contract manager” responsibilities to a staff member.  


GOAL:       Update the Code of Conduct, the Annual Professional Performance Review and Professional Development Plans. 

GOAL:       Create a panel of Board members, administrators, parents and teachers to explore and recommend approaches to combat bullying. 

GOAL:       Develop a plan to modify AIS in an effort to build consistency among schools. 

GOAL:       Continue to implement modifications to the ELA and other elementary curricula, stressing best practices in literacy, differentiation, and integrated instruction.   

GOAL:       Submit all necessary applications to have the high school become an approved International Baccalaureate school and continue teacher training toward that end. 

GOAL:       Support and continue the district initiative to train staff in differentiated instruction. 


      GOAL:       Continue to expand the capabilities and usage of Infinite Campus and the                                         Emergency Calling System. 

      GOAL:       Rollout wireless access and upgrade servers as budgeted. 

      GOAL:       Issue an RFP for technology services.