"Get Fit By Finals"



We’re pleased to announce that we are supporting a new nationwide fitness education initiative, Get Fit By Finals. The Get Fit By Finals program was created by the National Basketball Association (NBA) and Body By Milk to give students small steps to improve their physical fitness. The Get Fit By Finals program offers:

Exclusive Get Fit Training Videos – Exclusive videos featuring NBA athletes, trainers and sports dietitians with the inside scoop on how fitness and nutrition.

Get Fit “Daily Drills” – These experts also offer daily video tips that break it down even more, with small daily changes and mini challenges that can make a big difference over time.

Get Fit Personal Fitness Tracker – A free online tool that lets teens track daily milk and minutes of exercise and journal daily food and exercise details. Some experts suggest that journaling can be an effective way of reaching fitness and health goals.

Get Fit “To Go” – A special Get Fit widget lets participants view program information – weekly videos, Daily Drills and even link to their Personal Fitness Tracker – on their social network page or computer desktop.

Cool Get Fit Rewards – There are incentives to help teens stay motivated throughout the program:

Just by joining, students can get discounts on fitness gear

Mini-challenges encourage teens to show how they’re using the program along the way, with chances to bag cool rewards

What’s Your Fit Promotion – From February through April, teens can log onto www.bodybymilk.com  to choose from several experiential and fitness gear prize options themed around our Milk Mustache celebrity athletes—and assemble them into a customized prize package that best fits their style

Teens who track their progress will be eligible to win more rewards, including tickets to the NBA Playoffs and a grand prize, all expenses- paid VIP experience at the NBA Finals 

 We are encouraging students to Get Fit By Finals – and you can play a role, too! Here’s how:

Stock Your Fridge With Healthy Options – Keeping healthy food and beverage choices on hand, such as fresh-cut vegetables, lowfat cheeses, lean meats, and low fat and fat free milk in place of sugary soft drinks and fruit drinks, can help your teen make simple steps toward sound nutrition habits. Studies show that teenagers who drink milk instead of sugary drinks tend to be leaner and have better quality diets richer in nutrients.

Bring On Breakfast – Don’t let your teen leave the house without a nutritious breakfast. Breakfast provides the energy needed to perform mentally and physically throughout the day. A simple bowl of cereal with milk can do the trick. Try serving it with sliced fresh bananas or a half of a cup of berries.

Refuel Their Exercise – Chocolate milk is a great choice after exercise because it contains a mix of nutrients that aid muscle recovery, which may help your teen get back in the game.

Cheer Your Teen To Fitness – Give your teen an assist by showing your support. Find new ways to cheer on the effort every week. We hope you’ll encourage your teen to Get Fit By Finals. Your teen can learn more information about the program at www.bodybymilk.com.