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Summer Enrichment - July, 2009

Program Description:
The West Islip Enrichment Program will offer enrichment courses to the children of West Islip residents who have already completed grades K through 8,  including students who attend parochial or private school. Children will be grouped by appropriate age based on applicant enrollment. This  program is completely self-sustaining. It is funded by course fees, so there is no cost to local taxpayers.

The registration form should be returned by mail no later than July 3, 2009

Parents must provide transportation to and from the classes.
All courses will be held at Beach Street Middle School. 

The fee is $65 for each course.   A minimum of 8-10 students is required for each course to operate. If enrollment is not suff
icient, a refund of monies will be made. Once a course begins there will be no refund given for any missed sessions. Please write out a separate check for each course.  

Course Offerings
Session I: 9:15 - 10:30 AM
Session II: 10:30 - 11:45 AM

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Course Offerings

Latchkey Child Guide
This class is designed to provide students with the necessary knowledge to care for themselves after school and during vacations.  Participants will learn first aid, how to handle emergencies and get help and activities to pass the time.  Students will make a snack, a simple meal and make a game in class to take home.  They will also learn magic tricks and go home with several pamphlets.

Session ll- Grades 4-6 Room TBA 

Creative Dramatics:
Students in this class will explore the five senses and be introduced to basic acting techniques such as body movement and pantomime through theater games. To accomplish this, we will act out poems, fairy tales and familiar situations. We will also work on very simple scenes for young actors. No memorization is necessary - the theme here is that acting is fun!

Session 1 Grades 1-4, Room 303

This course will introduce older students  to important basic acting techniques including body movement, sense memory, pantomime and characterization. We do this in a workshop atmosphere which includes scene work, improvisation and many fun theater games.

Session II- Grades 5-8, Room 303

This course will introduce students to the fundamentals of guitar playing. Musical principles such as melody, harmony & rhythm are covered. Emphasis will be on studying current songs and styles. Students are required to bring their instruments with them.

Session II- Grades 4-8, Room 304

In this course, the piano student is introduced to the fundamentals of music and piano study, through the learning of familiar melodies and famous songs of the piano. Students must have the use of a piano or electric keyboard. Students are encouraged to bring electronic keyboards and headphones to class.

Session I - Grades 4-8, Room 304


Computer Exploration:

Students in grades K-6 will explore the many uses of Microsoft Publisher and PowerPoint to create letters, posters, cards and more.  Through project based learning, students will be introduced to different home and school activities that can be created with each program.  Digital camera will be introduced.

Session l- Grades 4-6 Computer Lab
Session ll- Grades 1-3 Computer Lab

Wind-Up Rubber Band Powered Model Airplane**

Here is a hands-on fun activity for both boys and girls in grades 4-6.  Students will learn how to use a few basic woodworking tools and then put their new skills and talents to use in building their own rubber band powered balsa wood model airplane.

On the last day of class all will have a chance to test their planes in a flying contest to determine which plane will fly the furthest and stay in the air the longest.  1st, 2nd and 3rd place finishers will be awarded ribbons and all will earn a certificate of participation.  Also on the last day, parents and friends are all invited to join in on the fun.

Session I - Grades 4-5  Room 305
**There is an additional cost of $8.00 per student. This fee is to be paid to the instructor on the first day of class. 

EZ Build CO2 Dragster Construction Program**

This is a program specifically designed to fit the skill level of boys and girls in grades 4 & 5. Participants can look forward to an exciting and fun learning experience in building and racing a CO2 dragster, assembled fro a choice of 4 no-fuss, pre-cut kits. They will be shaped further with coping saws, sanded, decorated and finished to each individual's personal taste.

These dragster will handle the same racing conditions as a standard dragster. On the last day of class, program participants will have an opportunity to test out their cars on the same track standard dragsters are raced and then compete to win a trophy and several placement ribbons.   As always, spectators are welcome to come and join in on the excitement.

Session I - Grades 4-5  Room 305
**There is an additional cost of $8.00 per student. This fee is to be paid to the instructor on the first day of class. 

Dragster Design and Construction**
Students will design, build and race their own CO2 powered dragsters using hand & power tools. Students will race their finished dragsters against each other following competition rules. All students will be awarded certificates and the winner will receive a Pitsco Dragster T-Shirt.

Session ll- Grades 5-8, Room 305
**There is an additional cost of $8.00 per student. This fee is to be paid to the instructor on the first day of class. 

For the beginner, babysitting can be a frightening experience.  The sitter must know how to feed a baby and toddler, how to handle a difficult child, know CPR, Heimlich and first aid procedures, how to handle emergencies and how to entertain a child and infant.  Also covered  will be getting jobs, pay and more.  Students will be given a certificate, charts and booklets.

Session I - Grades 5-8, Room TBA

International Cooking:**
Students will learn about various cultures of the world and also prepare the foods that people from the regions eat. Areas that will be covered may include Italy (pizza), Mexico (tacos and salsa), Ireland (Irish soda bread), France (crepes) and the Middle East (couscous).
Session I - Grades 4-8, Room 301
**There is an additional cost of $5.00 per student. This fee is to be paid to the instructor on the first day of class. 

Storybook Cooking**
Favorite stories with food themes will be the take-off for these exciting cooking activities that will incorporate craft creations.  Come and enjoy these tasty goodies while having fun too.

Session Il - Grades K-3, Room 301
**There is an additional cost of $5.00 per student. This fee is to be paid to the instructor on the first day of class. 

This class is a class designed to keep students moving.  Each day will be dedicated to introducing the skills of a new sport.  If you cannot get enough baseball, basketball or soccer then this class is for you.  Friendly competitions and challenges will create a fun learning environment which will allow all of the athletes to succeed.

Session I - Grades 1-3, Room TBA
Session II - Grades 4-6, Room TBA

Want to learn what to do with your photos?  join us in preserving memories in creative layouts.  You will create a book with your choice of themes.  Some theme ideas are: My Pet (s), My Family, My Friends, My School Year, My Vacation or any time that you may want to preserve.  You will need your photos (in any size), a book and anything you want to add like stickers, stamps,, buttons, beads, sequins, ribbon, maps, ticket stubs, etc.  Together we will preserve your memories to last a lifetime!  Please bring the following supplies: paper cutter, glue, patterned scissors, scrapbook paper and colored pencils/markers.  Supplies can be purchased at any craft store. Dollar Tree has a large selection.

Session I - Grades 3-5, Room TBA
Session II - Grades K-2, Room TBA

Comic Book Creation:
This course will teach the art of cartooning. Students will learn how to design all sorts of characters, human and imagined.  They will use these skills to create their own unique cast of characters.  They will then make simple comic strips, comic book pages and flip books with their classmates as the stars.

Session I - Grades 5-8, Room TBA
Session II - Grades 1-4, Room TBA