Student Driving Regulations



Passes / ID Cards -  any student(s) in a vehicle leaving school property must  display a valid lunch / early release pass and I.D. card when asked to do so.  Students who do not have proper documentation will be directed back into the school. 

 Regulations and Application for Student Driving/ Parking on Campus

Speeding – the school speed limit is 15 MPH, 10 MPH in parking areas.  Students will be issued a warning for the first offense.  A second offense will result in parking privileges being suspended. 

Underclassmen -  no senior is to transport any underclassman in his or her vehicle during school hours unless that student has a valid pass to leave school grounds and that student’s parent has full knowledge of that fact. 

Radios  -  when entering or leaving school grounds, car radios should not be played at a level where they can be heard in any classroom or at a level deemed inappropriate by school safety or any faculty members.  Written warnings will be issued, followed by suspension of parking privileges.( FYI:  Suffolk County has just increased the noise ordinance fine from $150 to $250 per ticket.) 

Dance Studio Doors – students observed picking up any student(s) from a location other than the student lot will be issued a warning and face possible suspension of parking privileges. 

Horn Honking – any student honking his/her horn for any reason other then imminent danger will be issued a written warning followed by a possible suspension of parking privileges. 

Reckless Driving –  for any actions observed by school safety or other faculty members which create a danger to pedestrians or other vehicles parked or operated on school property  (these may include screeching of tires, failure to yield to pedestrians, and failure to observe common sense traffic safety), written warnings will be issued, etc. 

Note:  extra caution should be exercised on Tuesdays & Thursdays between 9am & 11:15 am when the pre-school children are attending early childhood development classes. 

Reminder: community members have been registering complaints about reckless student drivers in the vicinity of the high school.  Two have threatened to go to the school board to repeal the privilege of seniors being allowed to leave during the day.  Be mindful of how our neighbors perceive us and drive slowly on our local streets, or this senior privilege may be in serious jeopardy.