Adaptive and Modified Physical Education Programs
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West Islip Physical Education Program

Physical education is a subject mandated by New York State and, as such, is required for graduation. All students are required to complete a physical education course each year. One-quarter unit of credit towards a high school diploma is accumulated for each year of successful study. All 9th and 10th graders must take one unit of pool and pass the basic swimming safety test. The following are guidelines for physical education classes:  

Activities: Secondary school units in physical education provide a unique opportunity to explore areas for potential lifelong recreational pursuit and to develop skills to match interests. Students may select from a variety of activities that include team sports, individual sports, or water sports. These activities include lifeguard training, aerobics, badminton, basketball, floor hockey, golf, paddleball, soccer, softball, team handball, tennis, volleyball, water polo, weight training, project adventure and Fitness Training.  

Attire: Every student is expected to attend classes in clothing appropriate to the class activity. Appropriate attire is athletic shorts, sweat pants or warm-up pants, T-shirt or sweatshirt, socks, and sneakers. The school provides towels for swimming activities. 

Grading:  The unit grade is based on the following criteria: skill, knowledge, personal relations, participation, and attendance.  A failing grade is given for excessive absence or lack of participation.  All failures must be made up prior to graduation.


Adaptive and Modified Physical Education Programs: 

The adaptive program is an alternative to the developmental program for students who have handicapping conditions which necessitate an individual program.  The modified program is an alternative to the developmental program for students who either have a temporary injury or illness which precludes participation in regularly scheduled activities or whose performances are significantly below minimum standards.  


The following activities are offered in our before and after-school intramural programs: basketball, floor hockey, weight training, lifeguard training, badminton, volleyball, indoor soccer, and others.  If Intramurals are being offered, students may speak to their physical education teacher.  


West Islip Athletic Program 

West Islip provides a varied program for all boys and girls in grades 7 – 12. There are 90 different teams and over 1,300 contests played each year.

We believe interscholastic athletics serve as a miniature model of life in that they provide opportunities for students with regard to responsibility, fair play, cooperation, concern for others, leadership, respect for authority, good citizenship, loyalty, and tolerance. Although winning games can be considered the measure of success, we feel that this is not so.  This is not to say that the will to win is not important, it is very much a part of the total development of an athlete, but of greater importance is the development of the person, and affording each student the opportunity of becoming all that he or she is capable of being.  Thus, the athletic program, which is centered around the welfare of the students, is a vital part of the total school curriculum.


Student Accident Insurance

The children in this school district are covered against accidental injury under a school time plan of insurance.  Your child is covered while attending school, during school hours, all interscholastic activities including summer academic classes, attending school-sponsored and school-supervised activities during the school term, and traveling directly to and from school for either of the above.

Note:  This coverage is in excess of any other insurance coverage you may have on your child and claims are paid on a usual and reasonable basis.

The policy states that notice of the claim must be given to the insurance company within 45 days from the date of the accident.  To recover your medical expenses in excess of all other coverages you hold, follow these steps:


  1. When your child is injured in a school sponsored activity; you have 45 days from the date of injury to seek medical treatment and notify the insurance company. Verify with school authorities that your child’s injury was reported to Pupil Benefits Plan.   
  2. Obtain a claim form from the Nurse’s Office in the building in which your child attends and submit it with your ITEMIZED BILLS no later than one year from the date of injury.  This must be done even if treatment is NOT completed.  If you have health insurance that covers your child, also include the EXPLANATION OF BENEFITS OR REJECTION notice from your carrier.  
  3. Double check that you have answered all questions on the claim form.  Slashes, dashes or blank spaces do not constitute answers.  Be sure bills are itemized.  The company will be unable to determine benefits from balance due statements.

  4. When submitting additional bills or correspondence at a later date, include the school district, child’s name, and the date of injury.  

  5.  Please WRITE LEGIBLY.  Always check photocopies for clarity.  

  6.  By following these procedures, you will help us settle your claim as swiftly as possible.  Submitting incomplete claim information will delay your settlement.  If you need special assistance simply call Pupil Benefits Plan at (518)399-0510 between 9:00 AM and 4:00 PM, Monday-Friday.  Fax # (518)399-1757.  

  7. If your child is injured while participating  in an interscholastic sport, the physician’s discharge date and allowance to return to participation terminates benefits for that injury.

 IMPORTANT:  Notice of Claim form must be submitted within 45 days from the date of the accident.  For local representation, contact Salerno Brokerage at 364-4044. (Fax# 364-5901)


The athletic department in conjunction with the high school guidance department is implementing a resource to insure student athletes are fulfilling the high school academic requirements to participate in Division I and Division II college athletics. In addition it is a great informational resource for all athletes looking to participate in college athletics.

If your child has aspirations of competing athletically as a freshman at an NCAA Division I or Division II school, they must meet NCAA Initial-Eligibility minimum standards, including minimum core course GPA and SAT/ACT test score requirements. CoreCourseGPA.com is an innovative tool that allows you to easily track your son or daughter’s progress towards meeting these requirements, beginning as soon as the first semester of their freshman year.

To activate your child’s CoreCourseGPA.com membership, follow these simple steps:

1. Go to www.CoreCourseGPA.com

2. Enter School ID and School Code in the New Member Account Creation box:

School ID: 335900
School Code: 724700999

3. Click “Continue.”

4. Fill in the appropriate fields in the Create New Student Account form.
**Remember to write down the new Member Name and Password you have created**

5. Click “Submit.”
Congratulations! You have successfully created your CoreCourseGPA.com member account.

To login to your member account and begin using the CoreCourseGPA.com software, follow these simple steps:

1. Go to www.CoreCourseGPA.com

2. Enter your Member Name and Password in the Existing Member Login box.
     **Use the Member Name and Password you created during the account activation process**

3. Click “Login.”
Begin using your CoreCourseGPA.com account!

CoreCourseGPA.com incorporates the NCAA recognized core courses for West Islip High School into the online course entry forms, calculates BOTH Division I and Division II core course GPA, automatically factors weighted grades into calculations and tracks course requirements for BOTH Division I and Division II. Your son or daughter’s core course information is saved for the duration of their high school career.

West Islip Athletic Department is proud to make this innovative software available to you free of charge. We believe CoreCourseGPA.com will be a very useful academic tool for you and your student-athlete.