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The Board of Education desires to establish a diploma endorsement for students who have completed one hundred or more hours of community service during their high school careers.  Those who qualify for the Century Club will be recognized with a seal that will be affixed to their diplomas, as well through notations on their official high school transcript, and in the graduation program. 

Application Procedure: 

The community service may be acquired through school sponsored and independent, but verifiable, community activities.  Verification will be handled through the counseling department.  Each time a service is completed, a “community service verification form, will be filled out and submitted to the counseling office. 

The form will be placed in the student’s file.  Midway during the senior year, students who are interested in the endorsement and believe that they have or will achieve it, will apply to the counseling office.  The counselors will pull the student’s file, verify and count the accumulated hours and respond to the student.  Any questionable situations will be brought to the Site Based Team for consideration. 

Students will be expected to work toward approximately twenty-five hours per year.  This will be phased in as follows: 

                        Class of 2005  -  Twenty-five hours required

                        Class of 2006  -  Fifty hours required

                        Class of 2007  -  Seventy-five hours required

                        Class of 2008  -  One hundred hours required 

*There is an expectation that students who receive this endorsement will maintain an exemplary record of good citizenship throughout their high school careers. 


Students will be provided with a list of community organizations for whom students may volunteer.  The organizations that support our efforts will also be recognized at Board of Education meetings and/or through district publications or by letter. 

We will notify parents of ninth grade students annually by letter of this opportunity, as well as explain this process to all students at the beginning of each year.  We will attempt to get signature verifications from all community organizations, wherever possible. 

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REVISED:  11/08