November 18 is State-wide Call-In Day
to Head Off Cuts to Education



The New York State budget is in dire shape and there is strong pressure to cut state aid to education and services for students with disabilities.  We need to speak up loudly and clearly to avoid potential cuts.

Normally, the legislature doesn't meet until January, but the Governor has asked that the State Senate and Assembly convene on November 18 and again on December 16 to begin working on the budget.

They need to hear from us that balancing the budget with cuts to special education and autism services is unacceptable.

November 18, please call, fax or email our members of the Assembly and State Senator and let them know that cuts to education are unacceptable.

They need to hear from us. Tell them that balancing the budget with cuts to education is unacceptable.

Please note: Webforms are often used instead of an email address. Just click on the link to send your message through the website.

Gov. David PattersonPhone: 518-474-8390
Senate Majority Leader, Sheldon SilverPhone: 518-455-3791
Senator Hillary ClintonPhone: 631- 249-2825
 fax: 631-249-2847
Senator Charles SchumerPhone: 212-486-4430
 fax: 212-688-7444
Representative Steve IsraelPhone: 631- 951-2210
 Fax: 631- 951-3308
Representative Peter KingPhone: 631-541-4225
Senator Owen JohnsonPhone: 631- 669-9200
Assemblyman Andrew RaiaPhone: 631-261-4151
 email: raiaa@
Assemblyman Philip Boyletel: 631-647-9400
 email: boylep@