West Islip School District Calendar



The West Islip School District's calendar is now located online and is a quick resource for information about district activities!

The calendar will not be printed due to budget reductions which include production, printing and mailing cost. The district office will have copies on hand if you are not able to access it through the internet.

To access the calendar, click on the calendar image at the right.

Click on an event to get directions, check weather conditions, send an email reminder and more!

The calendar has several viewing options available. The default view shows all the events listed. Click on the drop down menu to filter your view if you would like to view the events of only one building at a time.

To go to the next month or previous month, click on the arrowheads next to the name of the current month. To select a date more than a month before or after the current month, click the go to date button and select a month, year, and day. To see the calendar in week, day, or list view, click the appropriate button under "Select View" in the calendar header.

If you would like to bookmark the calendar in your Internet browser’s favorites, click the "Save as Favorite" button in the calendar header.

To search the calendar listings, click the "Search" button.

Please note: This calendar is subject to change on a regular basis. If you choose to print it, it is only accurate from the day it was printed! Calendar can be printed if needed by selecting PRINT PDF button next to HELP button.