Welcome to West Islip



Approximately 2,500 students attend kindergarten through fifth grade in six elementary schools. The Board of Education and administration recognize the individuality of each child and believe that all children can learn in an educationally sound and supportive environment.

The middle schools consist of grades six through eight and utilize the educational model proposed by the New York State Board of Regents for the schooling of early adolescents. Approximately 2,000 students receive instruction from a team of 140 teachers. Accelerated programs in science, math, and foreign language, in addition to the basics, are provided with an emphasis on interdisciplinary instruction.

The high school, which houses about 1,600 students, offers 200 courses in basic instruction, and many Advanced Placement, Honors and College Level courses. Also offered are accelerated programs in foreign language and science. Over 70% of our graduates receive Regents Diplomas and over 95% go on to higher education.

The Board of Education

Trustees believe that education is a process that improves the ability to learn, expands interests, and encourages character growth. With this understanding, the Board, in partnership with students, parents and the community, provides the children with an academic environment that fosters discovery and knowledge while guiding them to a sense of quality and integrity.

Our Goals

Educational goals are achieved through child-centered learning activities with hands-on experiences. Wide-ranging, high-quality programs are offered to students of every level, helping them realize academic and personal potentials.

We're Shaping the Future

We're building the future by teaching students the skills and fortitude needed to climb the ladders of success. We're empowering them to reach and exceed our district's Standards of Excellence to ensure they'll thrive and lead in this rapidly changing world. And we're confident that our academic achievements, which are among the best in the state, will continue to permit us to boast:

"Education Shines in West Islip Schools!"